A Sea Animal That Lives Over 200 Years

What can live over 200 years, doesn’t look a day past 20, has eyes in the back of its head, and spines all over its body? Tap, Tap, Tap, I’m waiting... Did you say a sea urchin? RIGHT! How’d you know?

Recent research on sea urchins has been nothing short of amazing. Scientists have discovered that urchins have light sensitive cells at the ends of the spines that cover their bodies. It seems the more spines an urchin has the more ability it has to “see”. This means that the nervous system of the sea urchin is also attached to the complex network of light sensitive cells. Scientists have yet to tell how well the urchins can see, but they do believe the creature can see well enough to discern what may be harmful to it.

Another amazing find is that the sea urchin can live beyond 200 years. A cool fact is they don’t know how far beyond 200 years one can live without any predators present. It also seems there is little difference between a 20 year old urchin and a 200 year old urchin. It seems there is no record of death from old age.

Could it be there is a creature on the earth that doesn’t deteriorate with age? Hard to imagine this could be the case. Can’t wait to see what future research unveils. Another complex creature in a world of amazing biological systems designed by a glorious creator.

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