In The Eye Of The Octopus - An Evolutionary Nightmare

One of the most interesting creatures known, at least to me, is the octopus. Recent research has gleaned a wonderful amount of information about these highly intelligent sea-creatures. One of the most interesting is the eye.

Octopus eyes are the closest to human in the animal world. Both eyes have a retina, cornea, an iris, lens, and a fluid-filled interior. This presents a problem to chance-based evolution, since both eyes developed completely separate. Their supposed common evolutionary ancestor would have had no eyes.

The optical system, which includes the brain, is amazingly complex, and difficult enough to explain without a creator, but when two developed separately at the same time the mathematical probability of this happening by chance becomes outrageously low even with infinite time for it to happen. Limit the development to millions of years, as atheistic evolution must, and the chances are ludicrously close to zero. If there were a million points between 1% and 0 the chances of this happening would reside in the last point closest to zero on the zero side of that point. I'm not kidding. These are the probabilities firmly rooted in atheistic evolution.

This equation of optical probability must include the development of the system supporting the eye, including not just physical structure, but the probabilities of life itself. An equation including the probabilities of life must also include the probabilities of the existence of a planet capable of producing and sustaining life... and eyes. Atheistic evolutionists sometimes play shell games with non-contextual probabilities, this means they start the equation someplace within the already existing environment of the organ and/or use genetics to make the probabilities a bit more palatable, but the percentages are still amazingly low.

The complexity is further compounded by the Octopus eye, since it’s based on skin cells. The Human eye is basically a cellular extension of the brain. So each must have necessarily evolved on different cellular tracks. While still impossible, it is easier to explain the development of a nervous system based eye, than a skin based eye. The nervous system of the skin based creature would have to “find” the eye, and develop a brain that could “see” with the skin cells. There is not enough time available in the evolutionary time table for this to take place. All this from the eye of the octopus... God is amazing.

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