Martyn Lloyd-Jones On The Christian Feast

Peter, in his Second Epistle, tells us that God “hath given unto us all things that pertain unto life and godliness”. That is what makes the position of the complaining Christian so groundless. We shall never be able to plead the excuse that there was not sufficient provision. The food is available, the 'heavenly manna' is provided; everything one can ever need is here in the Bible. Here is nourishment, concentrated, unadulterated.

The Lord is nourishing the church. The husband in his care for his wife works to provide food and all that she needs. Parents take care that their children have the right food, and plenty of it, and at the right time. The Lord is doing that for us in an infinitely greater way.

A part of His care is to provide acts of public worship. Believers should come because they realize that they cannot grow if they do not come. They come to be fed, to find food for the soul. The Lord has provided it.

Preaching is His way. He calls men, He separates them, He gives them the message, and the Spirit is present to give illumination. All this is a part of our Lord's way of nourishing His children.

As you enjoy your Christmas celebrations consider your commitment to feast at Jesus' table this coming year. Commit now to feast in a church where the Bible is preached and taught. In fact, His table will be spread tomorrow. Be there... His Spirit will be there too. If you don't know of a Bible preaching church in your area drop me a line and I'll try to find one for you. LJ

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