Killer Bird Helps Rebuild Australian Rainforest

A few years ago Carol and I were blessed to be the guests of an Australian church for 2 weeks, and then we spent a week alone for our 30th anniversary. We spent this special week in northern Queensland, Australia. This area has been devastated this week by Yasi, a Category 5 Hurricane, or Cyclone as they call them in the Southern Hemisphere. One of the most exciting events for me was our journey through the rain forests to historic Daintree, and then to Cape Tribulation.

One of the reasons for my excitement was the wildlife which ranges this area, and the unique plants that grow there. Huge crocodiles, tree kangaroos, flying foxes, beautiful flowers, mangroves, and rare exotic insects live in this rain-forest. The people are pretty interesting too.

Perhaps the most famous animal in the area is the Cassowary. The flightless Cassowary is one of a few birds in the world which can cause a human serious injury or death. The females grow up to 6 feet tall. They can run up to 30 miles an hour and jump over 4 feet high. They are very territorial and have injured human invaders on many occasions through the years. They have a dagger like middle toe on each foot which they use to viciously stab intruders. Some Aussies say they have poked holes in their vehicles with this stiletto toe.

After the devastation of Yasi it will be the Cassowary that will help rebuild the vegetation. In fact, the Australian rainforest must have the fruit eating Cassowary to survive. It is the only animal big enough to eat large fruit from over 60 plants and spread the seeds. The Cassowary is a vital part of a delicately balanced system put in place by our Creator.

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