God, The Father Of Art

Genesis 2:9a And out of the ground made the LORD God to grow every tree that is pleasant to the sight,

Beauty didn’t just happen… it came by design. The God who designed the eye designed beauty for the eye to behold. He designed shape and painted color into the systems of creation. In the last few creation posts we have been exploring Mangroves. Special trees God created to grow in tidal areas. These trees provide an environment for other complex life forms. Two of the most beautiful are the Scarlet Ibis (Pictured here), and the Flamingo.

Early owners of captive scarlet Ibises were dismayed when their birds didn’t turn scarlet. Later it was found that the Scarlet Ibis’ feathers don’t naturally turn scarlet. Away from the Mangroves they were a drab brown.

The Mangrove’s dead leaves and limbs fall into the water and decay. This decaying material helps turn the tidal pools into a rich soup of nutrients, bio-chemicals, and microscopic life. Within this soup are large amounts of carotenoids (pigments that give carrots, oranges, salmon, shrimp, etc. color) which are ingested by crustaceans, insects, and small fish. These little animals are then eaten by the Ibis. Flamingos generally eat microscopic lifeforms loaded with carotenoids.

God created biological pathways inside these birds to separate and move specific carotenoids into their feathers (and skin in some cases). This is clearly God's artistry for us all to see. God is the Great Artist, and He is beautiful. All art should honor Him.

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