The Most Accurate Spitters In The World

Spitting cobras are one of the most lethal snakes in the world. Their bite can inject a deadly neurotoxin into the victim's body. But when cornered, something you really don’t want to ever do, they can spit venom up to 6 feet with amazing precision and accuracy. Well... they don't actually spit, they spray venom. 

If the venom simply lands on your skin it will usually have little affect, but you should still quickly wipe it off while you’re running. If it lands on your skin the cobra has made a rare miss, because it never aims for the skin, it shoots for the eyes of its victim. When it hits the eyes the venom can cause permanent blindness in a matter of minutes.

The venom is projected from a small forward facing hole close to the tip of each of the snake's two fangs. The muscles controlling the release of the venom are responsible for producing the power necessary to shoot the venom.

Researchers have found that the snake tracks the eyes and movement of the head of its victim. The snake moves its head in the same directions and speed ratio of the victim's head, and just as the victim's head changes direction the snake will instantly move its head that direction and fire the poison where it expects the eyes to be in 200 milliseconds. Researchers have found the snake to be amazingly accurate.

How did the spitting cobra learn its venom will only affect the eyes? And... how could venom that will only affect the eyes evolve by chance? It either blinds or it doesn't. Again, here is a complex system that must have been designed. This amazing system includes the muscular structure, precision holes in the fangs, brain function to track the eyes of the victim and coordinate with the body, and special venom. There is a Creator.


  1. I study Biotechnology, and every day I'm amazed at the greatness and excellence of the design of each and every thing. Hard to believe there is people that could even remotely think that everything we see is here by chance.

    All my teachers speak about is how evolution has done wonders, and I can't help believe they are so blind to think all of these was a probability game, when there is a simpler answer: "There IS a CREATOR"

  2. What a great field of study. You have the opportunity to investigate and observe some amazingly complex biological systems. I agree that these systems cry out for belief in a Creator, and join you in wonder at how someone can accept the notion of chance. My creation posts generally focus on systems. Thanks for the comment.



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