A Homeless Child's Prayer Answered

Blanca was standing in the park on a weekend morning. It was a good time and place for a 9 year old to beg, and her little sisters needed food. But today the pain overwhelmed her as she watched the fathers and mothers all around her. The families... Why can't I have a mother and father? Someone to love me like that? She turned her face to heaven and said, “If there is a God will you give me --give us-- a father and mother to love and take care of us.”

Ah... but the Father Of The Fatherless was listening. Blanca didn't know He had already prepared a father and mother for her. But it hadn't been easy. He had to first give His own Son so she could have parents. The father He had chosen for her, Leonardo, had seriously fought Him to retain his old empty life. But his resistance had given way to God's loving Spirit, and God had given him a new heart and new eyes. Leonardo was ready now to be the answer to a parent-less, homeless child's prayer. Can you imagine being an answer to a prayer like that one?

He gave Leonardo a father's heart and wisdom, and new eyes to see the pain in hearts like Blanca's. This M.D. who had lived for himself, until God gave him some of His own heart, was working with street addicts when he first saw Blanca and her three sisters. He brought his wife, whose heart had also been changed, and they took the girls home... beloved daughters they became... all because the Father of the Fatherless is still doing His work. Now they are the beloved legal parents of almost 30 children, and have made a home for them and any others who need a safe haven: Rivers Of Mercy.

Blanca will be graduating from college this coming Spring (2011) with a degree in sacred music. And she knows how blessed she is to have two fathers: the God of heaven, who calls Himself the Father of the Fatherless, and Leonardo Rivas.

Video: Blanca singing a solo at the dedication of a new facility at Rivers Of Mercy. Girls Ensemble: Blanca on the left and her three sisters in blue tops beside her... of course she sees and treats every girl in this ensemble as a sister. Sorry the video is so poor and shaky, but I took this Video by hand.

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  1. I am homeless right now with two babies and desperate for god to provide me a way out. Christmas is this week and I am scared!! Anyone can help I am up for anything suggestion wise. Please pray for us as well.



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