One Lawgiver

James 4:12 There is one lawgiver

When scientists speak of physical laws they are speaking of the universal and invariable foundation of this physical world, laws or regularities by which all that is known exists and continues. What is the source of this existence and these laws? God.

It is interesting that we see these laws as unchanging and immovable, but when it comes to moral law we often see it as changeable. But all true law proceeds from the same Creator and He is unchangeable. His personality and moral being is intrinsically pure and cannot be divided or made less than it is.

We fail in our thinking when we accept the notion that any law which proceeds from His nature is changeable. Law which proceeds from the eternal lawgiver is as much a part of His nature and intelligence as gravity is an attribute of this earth's existence.

Physical and Moral Law is the closest glimpse we can get, outside of the person of Christ Jesus, to the very being of God. The Law is good.

The nature of the Lawgiver is the fountainhead of the love and mercy found in Jesus Christ; love and mercy, which are also Law, flowing from the very being of God. Upon this Gospel Law stands all the promises of God in which the poor lawbreaker trusts for everlasting life. There is one Lawgiver and He is worthy of our trust.


  1. Good thought here Pastor Jones! Haven't thought about it that way... though I have believed it... if that makes sense!

  2. Dear Friend...
    Glad to see your blog coming up again.
    Praying for you and Carol always.
    ¡Un abrazo!



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