Is He Thinking About Me?

Mark 1:41 And Jesus, moved with compassion, put forth his hand, and touched him, and saith unto him, I will; be thou clean.

The verb "will", when it comes to human nature, is a profoundly important word. It means “to purpose, generally based upon a preference and desire”. Louw-Nida Our intelligence allows us to choose between options. And when we have made a decision that choice is described by this word “will”.

The leper Jesus healed in this verse wisely knew that if Jesus decided to heal him he would be healed. When Jesus decides to do something, it gets done. So when Jesus said, “I will,” there was no question something was about to happen, and Jesus always makes the right choice.

The human will is a product of our complete personality. In some specific cases it can be said to reveal exactly who we are inside. For sure, the cumulative choices we make over time do indeed become the full expression of who we really are. 

In this passage we are told Jesus was “moved with compassion.” His compassion was the dominant factor in His decision. We decide only after a process has taken place inside us, and the process in the mind of Jesus was overwhelmed by His heart.

It is difficult for us creatures to grasp the being of our transcendent Creator. What we know of God's transcendent mind He has revealed to us in His Word, or we make judgments about Him based on what we see around us. But we can also see Him in Jesus. And what I see causes me to pause, and rejoice in such a benevolent Creator.

Jesus thought about this man, then He acted on his behalf. I have no question in my mind that Jesus has done things to and for me as well, and that He loves me. Based on this passage, and what we know of human nature, this means he looked at me, thought about my needs, then He acted on my behalf. It thrills me to think that He might be looking at me right now... is He thinking about me? How many times has He already acted on my behalf today? Wow...

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