Big Numbers Leave Little To Chance

I am always amused when an atheistic evolutionist begins throwing around “billions” of years to support the contention that random mutation brought life to where it is today. I read the same numbers they read... and the probabilities just don't add up in their favor. The numbers are so big that they leave little to chance.

It's the big picture numbers that cause atheistic evolutionists so much difficulty. Let me explain. There are at least three big biological questions that have yet to be precisely answered. The estimated answers to these questions will help us see the Big Picture.
  1. How many living things are on the earth? Let me give you one writer’s answer: “There are 3 x 10 to the 33rd power (3,000 quintillion) individual living things on this planet.” Other estimates are equally astronomical. These are numbers we can’t get our minds around. Counting the living things on the earth is like counting the grains of sand on the earth or stars in the sky.
  2. How many species exist? The modern definition of a species is a “set of all individuals between which there can be gene flow.” Gene flow means an animal can mate, or could mate if functionally able, and not produce sterile offspring. The National Science Foundation Tree of Life project says there are 1.75 million identified species. NSF also says, “the 1.75 million known species are only 10 percent of the total species on earth.” That means there are potentially 17.5 million species on earth at this time. Another scientific estimate is that 99% of all species that have ever lived are extinct. This means there are estimates that 1.75 billion species have existed.
  3. There is one more issue that remains to be solved. How many unique and common biological systems exist? How many unique systems exist in individual species? If there is an average of 5 per species (and there are arguably many more that that) then the number of unique biological systems on this earth today is 87.5 million. Taking potentially all species in history this number could be as high as 8.75 billion unique systems.
Here’s the problem. Modern science estimates the earth is 7.5 billion years old. They say the earth was without life for the first 3.5 billion of those years. That leaves 4 billion years with developing life on earth. But for 3.5 billion of those years there was no life that could be seen with the naked eye. Modern evolutionary biology teaches that all life and modern species large enough to be seen with the human eye evolved over a 500 million year span.

This means the most complex systems went from non-existent to existent during a 500 million year period. 100 million of those years only produced invertebrate marine life. But let's just work with the 4 billion years figure. If we divide 4 billion by the estimated number of species that have lived on the earth, 1.75 billion, shear chance would have to produce 1 new species an average of every 2.2 years. If we just take the known species on earth today then it is 1 new species every 228 years. And we haven't even discussed the complexities of the evolution of species or the "Cambrian explosion". When we divide by the number of unique systems the range is 1 new biological system every 5 months to 45 years. That doesn't include the complex issues of the integration of systems within a species. The associated probabilities tied to these numbers are so close to 0 as to be almost non-existent. And... atheistic evolutionists know this.

It is numbers like these that helped convert the great atheist, Antony Flew, to deism. He said, “I believe that life and reproduction originate in a divine Source. Why do I believe this, given that I expounded and defended atheism for more than a half century? The short answer is this: this is the world picture, as I see it, that has emerged from modern science. Science spotlights three dimensions of nature that point to God. The first is the fact that nature obeys laws. The second is the dimension of life, of intelligently organized and purpose-driven beings, which arose from matter. The third is the very existence of nature.”

Atheistic evolution requires us to believe this all happened by chance… No… The numbers don't hold up... and they never have. I’ll take God. Considering the numbers I often wonder how many modern atheistic evolutionists are really closet deists.

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