Follow The Light Turns 2 This Week

This week (1/25/11) is Follow The Light's second birthday. My intent for Follow The Light has always been to keep the posts relevant to any time period by writing about timeless subjects. Hopefully most of what is written will be as relevant and readable in 2080 and beyond as it is today. Truth is timeless.

It seems God has used FTL to draw a number of people closer to Him during this past year. Hundreds have read the Gospel for the first time, some have trusted Christ, and others have gained strength and help for the day. This is what it is all about.

I am thankful that hundreds of new readers have discovered FTL this past year. Facebook followers have pushed FTL from just breaking into the top ten in Religion last year to number 3 in the ratings this year. Ratings in every category have continued to rise. The Lord is kind to bless these efforts as He has done.

One area in which I fail miserably is interlinks from my blog to other blogs. This is not an issue of arrogance, but of time and skill. FTL is the solo effort of a very busy husband, father, son, pastor, traveling preacher, and grandfather, etc. My apologies to all those highly skilled writers I read in the blogosphere. That many of you continue to read, link to, share, and follow FTL is humbling, and doesn't go unnoticed. There are some amazing writers out there who need to be linked-pray for me-that I will be able to address this issue in the coming year.

Another goal I have is to make the hundreds of posts on FTL more accessible and, therefore, usable without adding too much to the workload. Time... its always about time. Continue to pray that God will use FTL as He has in these past 2 years. A hearty thank-you to all the readers and followers who have made this effort worthwhile.

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  1. Happy birthday! Doesn't seem like two years already. Thank you for this blog. Reading your posts is always edifying.



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