Let us go...

Mark 1:38 And he said unto them, Let us go into the next towns, that I may preach there also: for therefore came I forth.

This comment was made after Jesus left His bed “a great while” before daylight. He had spent the previous evening in spiritual close-quarters battle with the forces of evil. We are not told whether our Savior slept or not… but I think not. In the dark early morning hours he left the house for solitude.

Just as civilians often mistake war for romantic adventure while the battle scared soldier sees it in stark, cold, deadly images without romance or adventure, so the spiritual civilian sees the battle with evil in whimsical unreal images while the battle scared spiritual veteran, who has felt the breath of satan and seen the carnage of evil, bears a constant dark burden and sees the stark coldness of a war torn world. It will keep you awake at night… it will drive you to pray… it can make you wish at times that you were someone else doing anything else.

It is significant that Jesus could not even steal a few moments alone to pray and prepare. His sleepless, uneasy disciples must have heard Him leave the house, so they looked for Him... not wanting to be alone. When they found Him they said that “all men seek for thee.” Was there no place of rest in this war with sin? Not for this Captain, for wherever He went the war was there. But He would be nowhere else… this is what He came for and He would not retreat!

Hear the resolve in His words. If this past year has torn you... shaken you in your battle with evil. Take heart... your Captain will not stop advancing. If you're frightened or discouraged look for Him in those early morning hours... listen to His words of resolve: “Let us go...” Notice His use of the plural pronoun “us.” Mix His words of resolve with your own. Let “us” advance in this coming year, for this is why He has chosen us to be in this war with Him. And this long war is why He came. He is the Victor.

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