Jesus Receives Every Race & So Must His Church

Romans 15:7 Wherefore receive ye one another, as Christ also received us to the glory of God.

Every nation has a history of racial intolerance and struggle. In recent times we’ve seen war between people for no reason other than their racial or cultural differences. Sadly… even churches have become involved in racial politics to the point of twisting scripture to teach a separation of the races in the church that Jesus built.

Well… the Apostle Paul, in these verses, is deliberately addressing this subject again. And it is clear: if Jesus receives someone then His church must receive them too. This unity, in spite of racial difference, in a world of division and hatred, will glorify God.

In this verse we are commanded “to receive one another, as Christ also received us…” In verse 8 he reminds us that Jesus was a Jew, but in verses 9-12 he records various Old Testament passages which taught that Jesus didn’t come for Jews only… He came to die for non-Jews of every race too. These non-Jews were to be received into the church at Rome just as the Jews were received. There is to be no separation of the races, we are one in Christ!

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