Who's Really Important?

People passing by on the street would never just walk up to that group of men. Everyone can see they are in a serious discussion about important things. And that big gringo from North America must be important... I mean just look at him... standing over six feet tall with graying hair, dressed in a suit and tie. The other men listening carefully as he speaks. But... that little kid doesn't seem to understand what's going on.

Look at him... ears that stick straight out from a scrawny little frame with two large prominent teeth that will probably always be a little too big for his thin face. He's boy... all boy... Eyes filled with mischief, but laced with need. The need to be chased and lifted high into the air by a father. He's one of them isn't he? One of those parent-less kids who used to live on the street. Trash...

They watch as he sneaks up behind the big gringo, pokes him, and jumps away. The big gringo just keeps talking as if he didn't feel the jab. He's talking about important things that the boy just couldn't understand. Things adults talk about. Then, they watch as the urchin pokes him again, and there's an undignified whirl of suit and tie as the big gringo breaks off the important conversation in mid-sentence, and moves quickly, trying to grab the boy.

The boy darts like a rabbit, yelling with delight, as the gringo jumps into action right behind him, laughing out loud as he runs. They run, darting in and out, around the corner out of sight, and then back just as the gringo catches up and grabs the boy, throws him into the air and catches him in his arms as his laughter floods the neighborhood. Treasure...

The people watching are like most the rest of the world... they don't know who's really important. Just like they don't often know the difference between trash and treasure. But the gringo knows who the important one is, and it's not him. It's the boy, Marco. That former street kid. Those watching would be shocked to know that the gringo sees himself as a servant to that boy. In fact, that important discussion was about how to serve Marco and his brothers and sisters better. Marco was the most important person on that sidewalk that night, and, Marco, you are important to me....

Give to Rivers of Mercy Children's Home. A home for homeless children. Marco's home. 100% of every dollar given goes directly to care for the children.
Rivers Of Mercy Children's Home
Santa Fe Baptist Church
12902 6th Street
Santa Fe, Texas 77510

Make your checks payable to the Church with ROM in the memo. These are tax deductible gifts. 100% of the proceeds are sent weekly to the Children's Home. Pastor Larry Jones (the big gringo) is available to present this ministry to your church or civic organization.
(There are a number of children's homes using the name Rivers Of Mercy , this one is unaffiliated with the others and is outside Mexico City. The director is Leonardo Rivas)

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