Mark 3:6 And the Pharisees went forth, and straightway took counsel with the Herodians against him, how they might destroy him.

The more I have read this verse the more I am astounded by it. It is the open blatant expression of religious conspiracy. A conspiracy in which sometime political enemies participated because they had the same goal: destroy Jesus. The saddest meeting in human history...

The Herodians were the political supporters of Herod the Great and his descendants. You know the ones… they killed all children below 2 years old just to rid the world of the baby Jesus. They were willing to do anything to keep political power. The Pharisees... you know them too, they were also willing to do anything to keep religious/political power.

In every country today there are those who, like them, will do anything to keep power. And the missionaries of Jesus are working in those countries.

This Greek word translated “counsel” in the Gospels tracks the conspiracy to destroy the altogether lovely one, Jesus. The word culminates at the conspiracy to keep Jesus in the grave. Follow the trail: Mark 3:6, Matthew 12:14, 22:15, 27:1, Mark 15:1, Matthew 28:12. And… they believed they were right...

How many “counsels” will meet today to stop the ministry of Jesus? Will you pause now and pray for those who carry on the ministry of Jesus while in harms way? Missionaries who serve in Islamic countries. Missionaries serving in countries who are unfriendly to the Gospel of Christ. Missionaries who work among the tribes and in the regions beyond. These are amazing people who are worthy of our support and prayer. Know we have prayed for you today.

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  1. Last night I read that Jerry Bridges, as part of his devotional, keeps a small world map.  He "prays around the world" but especially for those places where there is resistance to Christianity.  Then this morning I read your post -- and I am most certainly challenged.  Let us remember those who are suffering for the name of Jesus as if it were us suffering or a loved one. 

    I posted your post on my blog as well.  May God give grace to our brothers and sisters who are in the front lines for our Lord.



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