10 To The 44th Power... Really? You're Serious?

Just the other day I was reading an article on new theories of how DNA came into existence and one of the scientists wrote, “that there is a one in 1044 chance that the triplets occur at binding sites by pure chance.” He was discussing one essential part of his theory and used this number to support his theory. But keep in mind that he was dealing with only one detail in the whole process of DNA coming into existence. The probabilities in atheistic evolution have to all be based on chance.

What always catches my eye when the atheistic evolutionists speak of probabilities are the large numbers, in this case 1044. Don't just read over numbers like that. That is a huge number. So big I can’t find a name for it. It is a 1 with 44 zeros after it. 109 is 1 Billion.

How big is this number? Well lets see, the world population is estimated 6,898,075,483. If you bought a lottery ticket for $1, along with every other person on a million billion more planets with equal populations, your chance of winning the lottery would be far greater than the chances this scientist gave of just one part of his theory happening by chance. But that’s really not accurate, because in a lottery there is a sure winner, but in probability this is considered impossible. I’ll stick with God.

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  1. They say the smallest (measurable) unit of time is 10^44 in a second... light is the fastest particle we can measure, and that's how fast it moves in (measurable) space in just one second... so then we also get the smallest unit of space...

    Hmm so if you were looking at time in "frames", it runs at 10^44 frames a second... incredible.



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