The Other Children

Carol and I spent this week at a family/youth camp in East Texas. We had a great time visiting with old friends, spending time listening to the Word, and watching the children play. But for us these experiences always bring the other children closer, and I have found myself praying for them in my morning walks.
The other children are those in northern China who live the harsh winters in the tunnels around the heating pipes which run from the central heating stations to the residential buildings in the city. 
They are the children in Islamic countries who were born to unwed mothers, and are, therefore, placed permanently at the bottom of the society. 
They are the thousands of children in Mexico City, and other huge urban areas, who live on the streets and in holes in the ground. 
And the children in “orphanages” worldwide which don’t have enough income to properly provide for the children in their care. Many of these homes  are still taking more children because they have no choice... the children need a home.
For those who are working with them, and for those who should be answering the call to go to them, I have prayed for you. I have prayed that God would strengthen your hands, that the Father of the fatherless would do His paternal work through you. And… I have prayed with thanksgiving for the children here this week, but I have not forgotten the other children, so I sit here with a burdened heart this morning to do more for the other children in the coming months.
Perhaps in your youth camps this year you could give to the other children. If you don’t already have a home to give to, then perhaps you will consider giving to Rivers Of Mercy. Rivers Of Mercy is providing a home for homeless children in Mexico City, one of the top 5 most populated cities in the world. Every dime (100%) you collect will go straight to provide for the children. Nothing is taken out for stateside administration, our church joyfully provides those expenses.  You can send checks to:
Santa Fe Baptist Church
12902 6th Street
Santa Fe, Texas 77563
Make your check payable to the church with ROM or children in the memo. We deposit the funds into a church account set up for the Children's Home. ROM's director, Leonardo Rivas, has a debit card on that account. He withdraws money as needed for the children. Send me your e-mail address and I will put you on our mailing list.

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