It's Simple: A Child Needs A Home

I was in a planning meeting in the office at Rivers of Mercy when Dr. Rivas was called out of the office. This is a regular occurrence in any meeting with a man who provides a loving home for 40+ children. In a few minutes he reappeared in the doorway with his hand resting on the shoulder of a boy I had never seen before. 

Dr. Rivas introduced him to us: Alejandro. He had been placed this very night into the care of the Rivers of Mercy Children’s Home. I had never been present for such an occasion, and was touched by the fear on the child’s face. With every breath he shook. But he was home now… rescued right off the streets...

As we stood and welcomed Alejandro I was struck by the simplicity of it all. Just like that… the authorities tapped on the door, gave Dr. Rivas some papers, and a child to care for indefinitely. Can the child be fed? Will there be cloths to wear? A place to sleep? I witnessed something so simple, and yet so profound. Acceptance… Immediate unquestioning acceptance of this new awesome responsibility. For Dr. Rivas the decision was simple: this child will either be on the streets or we will do whatever is necessary to give this child a home.

Whatever is necessary... I think most of us in the “1st world” insulate ourselves from the reality that there are many children in the world without parents, homes, or families to care for them. We make it all so complicated, and cover it up with red tape. But it's really simple: a child needs a home... a family. If we can't personally give a homeless child a family, there are people who will and do. Let's get behind those people.

I watched Alejandro calm quickly as he played with the other children. He was immediately one of them. Their brother. Simple as that.

Give to Rivers of Mercy Children's Home. 100% of every dollar given goes directly to care of the children.

Rivers Of Mercy Children's Home
Santa Fe Baptist Church
12902 6th Street
Santa Fe, Texas 77510

Make your checks payable to the Church with ROM in the memo. These are tax deductible gifts. 100% of the proceeds are sent weekly to the Children's Home. Pastors Larry Jones and David Locke are available to present this ministry to your church or civic organization.

(There are a number of children's homes using the name Rivers Of Mercy , this one is unaffiliated with the others and is outside Mexico City. The director is Leonardo Rivas)

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