Overcome Evil

Romans 12:21 Be not overcome of (the) evil, but overcome (the) evil with (the) good. (parenthesis mine)

Good is a wonderful word… we use it to describe those things we value most. Good food, friend, dog, job, church, etc. We also use the word to describe beneficial, moral, or useful qualities. When, as a child, I was coerced to eat something I didn't care for (a rare case) Mom would say, “you may not like it, but it’s good for you.” We might describe a good man as one who “would give you the shirt off his back.” We also use the word to describe the quality of a person’s performance: that carpenter does good work, or my nurse last night was a really good nurse.

In the Bible “good” has all these uses, but it also has one that is not as common in our language. It is when “good” is used with a definite article: “the good”. We might say, “look at all the good she has done.” When good is used in this way in the Bible it means: all human actions of a beneficial nature to other people bundled together into one powerful force. In this verse good is contrasted with the word evil, also with a definite article. In contrast to good, evil is all actions bringing unjust harm to others bundled together as one powerful force in the world

Goodness is a formidable weapon against evil. It can overcome evil. In this passage we are called to be people whose actions for the benefit of others merge together to become the force for good in this world. Every good action increases the total force against evil. Let's commit today to participate in the good, and then let's act upon that commitment.

The picture is of a Haitian child rescued from the earthquake rubble of a building by some amazing people doing good: U.S. rescue workers.

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