Bug With Bifocals

This is a bug, the Sunburst Diving Beetle, all southeast Texans could love. Its main diet is mosquito larvae. But scientist just recently found a first in the world: this bug has bifocals. That’s right: bifocals. Two lenses in each eye. That’s not four eyes, but two eyes with two lenses each. It also has two retinas in each eye.

Researchers are still working to find out just how this bifocal system works but they theorize that it is very similar to how humans use bifocals. One lens is for close up vision and the other is for distance. It seems the brain of the bug may shift the conscious focus from the blurred image to the more crisp image.

Scientists believe the effect of this could be similar to High Definition vision. It may deliver a precision in clarity of vision that is unrivaled in the world. They think the brain may actually use information from each image for HD clarity. Another amazing creation from an amazing Creator.

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