Pointers For Peace In The Lord's Service

Romans 12:5 So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another.

The cause you are working in is good.
The people who are serving with you are working for the same cause.
Personalities are different… that’s the way God intended it.
Don’t resent differences… rejoice in them.
Don’t make judgments too quickly or too harshly.
Don’t read minds or hear what isn’t spoken.
Listen with care for expressions of weakness.
Avoid gossip.
Study the delicate art of forgiveness.
Study the bold art of reconciliation.
Practice forgetting the failures of others.
Commit yourself to long term goals and relationships.
Do what is necessary to maintain those relationships and reach those goals
Be quick to Say, “I’m sorry.”
Be quick to Hear, “I’m sorry.”
If your reaction in crisis is to quit… don’t.
Let each new relationship start fresh.
Avoid dragging yesterday’s offenses into today.
Prepare for conflict.
Pray to love like Jesus
Decide to love like Jesus


  1. Excellent list!! Thanks. Lord bless you always.

  2. Thanks for finding a way to encapsulate important thoughts. It is so refreshing compared to politics, where writers love to "hear" themselves "talk."

  3. I agree with Greg and Marian. Thanks, Pastor!



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