The Descent Into Christ-less Religion

John 3:25 Then there arose a question between some of John's disciples and the Jews about purifying.

In a recent post I discussed the defection of some of the disciples of John the Baptist. The dispute in verse 25 happened some time after John had pointed his disciples to Jesus. When some of his disciples failed to move from following him to Jesus they began a descent into Christ-less religion.

Christ-less religion must have something to fill the empty space and time. What better filler than an argument about purification and the law. When Christ is not leading in the labor of the day religionists will always provide a list of fillers for the empty hours ahead. Fillers that only give the illusion that something worthwhile is really happening. If one tires of arguments about purification then culture and politics are always available for a good argument, lecture, or article. What are those Herodians up to anyway?

In vital Christianity Jesus is always leading in the work of the day. And there is always more to do than can be accomplished. Jesus is working in this world... right now. While productive Christians do have their arguments, those exercises take place while they work together in the fields of the Savior. It is the hard work that will keep them together, focus their efforts, temper their arguments, and sometimes silence them in shame as they look at the work that remains undone.

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