Delayed Pregnancy

One of the most mysterious biological realities presented to modern scientists by over 100 species of mammals is delayed pregnancy. What this means is fertilization of an egg has taken place, but the mother can delay the implantation in the uterine wall by days, weeks, months, and in some cases over a year.

It seems some mother’s bodies automatically control this until their current litter has matured enough to be on their own, but with others there is something more complex at work. It seems these animals can calculate when it is safe or they are ready to be pregnant.

Some seem to delay pregnancy over concern about the environment. For instance an animal in an arid location, like some Kangaroos, can withhold pregnancy until there is abundant water. Others, like a bear, will wait until they have received enough food to support a safer pregnancy and delivery. Others wait until the weather is optimal. But all of these tend to watch for multiple factors to ensure a safe delivery. The biological system behind this amazing gift is what is unclear to scientists.

What is clear is that God designed these animals for optimal reproduction. This is another in a seemingly endless list of complexities that point to an amazing creator.

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