Sobering Things I've Seen During The Christmas Season

When I became a police chaplain I learned quickly that this time of year was not jolly for everyone. From November through February cases of depression and suicide soar. This is also a time of more alcohol related deaths including alcohol related suicide.

In the years since first becoming a chaplain I've counseled scores of people and preached too many funerals for victims of suicide, and fatal collisions. All--and I mean all--the fatalities I've ever worked during this time of year could have been prevented. Here are some important reminders:

The consumption of alcohol can lead to fatal collisions. I've seen families killed or maimed by drunk drivers... Don't drink and drive.

I've worked suicides of young adults who drank alcohol and did things or allowed things to be done to them they would never have allowed when sober.

Here's the best rule IF you must drink: Always have a sober trusted person with you who is committed to driving and also protecting you from others and yourself. If you aren't protected... don't drink.

If you suffer from any form of depression make sure you keep your support group intact and lean on them through this season. They are there because they care about you. There is no time of year when it is more important to carefully follow or seek your doctor's advice.

If you are in the support group of someone who suffers from depression, make sure to keep in touch regularly during this time of year. Don't let the busyness of the holiday season keep you from regular contact.

Don't let minors consume alcoholic beverages. Minors have more access to alcohol during this time of year. Not only is it wrong to give alcohol to minors... it is illegal. Don't do it.

Oh... be sure to get involved in a good Bible preaching church. It is amazing what Christ can do in a life committed to Him.

Do everything in your power to insure a safe, enjoyable holiday season. Carol and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe, happy New Year.

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