Trees That Snorkel

It's true! God gave some very important trees the equipment to snorkel. Mangrove trees, a family of tropical coastal trees, function as a filter for water flowing into the sea. This complex filtration system helps prevent soil erosion, and siltation, which can kill coral and fish. These very specialized trees help convert swampy coastal areas and beaches into dry land. They also provide a home for some of the most amazing and beautiful creatures on earth.

These wonderful trees were created to live in oxygen deprived, salt-waterlogged, tidal soil. So they flourish in places where other trees die. In order for these awe inspiring trees to do this work God created a complex system which includes:

Roots that send “snorkels” above the mud and water to get oxygen.

Special oxygen absorbing cells in the “snorkels” that resist water and salt.

Water resistant bark

Special cells to separate and secrete salt.

Special seeds to withstand the harsh conditions. (see my post Trees That Give Live Birth)

Special underground roots to make the most of water-logged but chemically rich soil.

Special roots for stabilizing the tree in unstable soil.

I still remember my first opportunity to explore a Mangrove. It was a number of years ago in Belize. There is nothing like it in the world. I shot these pictures in Queensland, Australia. The last one, below, is of Carol as we were hiking on a trail through the Queensland rain forest to reach the mangroves. God is amazing (and so is Carol, by the way)!

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