Trees That Give Live Birth

Trees that give live birth??? Yes… strange but true. There are over 100 species of trees and shrubs which grow in tropical and sub-tropical tidal areas (mangroves) and are viviparous (giving birth to living offspring). These are some of the most complex plants on earth, and they host amazing biological systems that are unique to plants growing in water with high salt content. Salt content that would kill other land based plants and seeds.
Mangrove seeds don’t leave the tree until after they’ve germinated. The seeds become plants while still connected to their “mother” tree. This means, like mammals, these trees give birth to live offspring. Some species keep the germinated seeds on their limbs for months before releasing them into the salt water. One species only releases her children at high tide. Another has a pod that explodes, sending the little plants into the air at just the right time to capitalize on favorable conditions.
These newly released plants are equipped with various survival systems. Some carry enough nutrients and oxygen to survive and grow underwater until their leaves finally reach fresh air above the water's surface. Some float until they find the ideal place to anchor and take root. These plants can remain alive at sea for up to 1 year. Some root only when the salt mix and water temperature are just right. If they root in the wrong place some species can re-float after 30 days and move to another location.
Which came first the tree or the seed? The fact is that the tree and seed are seamlessly linked systems which cannot survive without each other. The idea that these complex, critically linked systems just happened to develop simultaneously in a harsh deadly environment is the stuff of science fiction. I would rather believe the more plausible explanation: it was all designed and created… together… complete… God is amazing! I’ll post some more info on these amazing plants in the near future.

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