A Mother's Body... Made To Protect Her Child

Thou hast covered me in my mother’s womb. Psalm 139:13

We all are aware of the wonderful system of child birth. A mother’s body becomes the sanctuary in which an infant is protected while it develops. Scientists have recently discovered a process designed to protect an infant's brain during the trauma of child birth.

It seems the mother’s body chemically protects her child’s brain during delivery by temporarily silencing the child’s brain cells. Recent studies identify the hormone oxytocin as the chemical from the mother’s body used to induce this temporary mental silence. Oxytocin is very important to childbirth, motherhood, and life in general.

Another recent interesting find concerning motherhood is that there are particular neural circuits involving several regions in a mother’s brain tied specifically to her child’s voice. Everyone has known that a mother can pick her child’s voice from a crowd of noisy children, but now we know why. When a mother first identifies a child as her child (this includes adopted children), God biologically gives that child’s voice an exclusive permanent space in his/her mother’s brain. Our Father in heaven is amazing!

Oh... by the way, the picture is of Betsy Barnes, my daughter, and her youngest child, Collin... oh how my Father has blessed me!


  1. Bro. Larry,
    Outstanding post. I enjoyed it very much. Were you aware of the parallels between the milestones of gestation and the festivals of the Lord listed in Lev. 23? It is an awesome thing to behold the craftsmanship of our Heavenly Father. Blessings.


  2. Brother Larry, I recently received an issue of the magazine from the institute for creation research. In this latest issue there was anarticle on the circulatory and repsiratory systems of an unborn child. In this article they showed how that the unborn child survivies in an amniotic environment then immediately after birth is able to breath air. God has designed an immediate change that reverses the pressures in the heart chambers and moves the blood flow from placenta to the lungs for oxegenation... much to much information for me to accurately describe here, but such wonderful evidence that we have a heavinly designer and are not the result of a cosmic accident.

    Ed Thompson



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