Will I Ever Find True Love?

Let love be without dissimulation. Romans 12:9a
Dissimulation means hypocrisy. Christian love should be genuine... heartfelt... But what is genuine love?

Today the idea of real love can be easily clouded and confused. Perhaps this comes from the painful violations of love woven into the fabric of our culture. An innocent child loses her dad to divorce; a husband loses his wife to adultery; a mother loses custody... True love is then eclipsed by the intense struggle to be loved, or the fear, brought by pain and naked vulnerability, that I might not find true love.

Pain can cause us to focus on ourselves and our needs which then fogs the path to experiencing true love. So our relationships become influenced by our need to be loved… or our fear of emotional pain. Not the foundation upon which enduring Christian relationships are built.

How can I be sure love is genuine? By first learning that the only love I can influence is my love. I have no control over how someone loves me… but I can work on how I love them. I must love others without hypocrisy… seek to love without condition. Genuine love, love without dissimulation, is one way love. A Jesus kind of love…

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