When Will They Get Their Bibles?

The picture to the right is of two words from a Greek New Testament manuscript over 1000 years old. The text is John 1:1. Can you read it? No. Well… let me transliterate it for you: “o logos”. How’s that? Can you understand it now? No. Well… let me translate it for you: “the Word”.
It is easy to forget that the Bible was written originally in Hebrew, Greek, and Aramaic not English. It had to be translated for English readers. Many Christians lost their lives in this translation work because it was often illegal. Our English Bible was delivered to us by the hands of martyrs…
What about the rest of the world’s 6,912 languages? Do they have the Bible?
It is reported that only 429 world language groups have the whole Bible in the language they understand best. There are 2,251 languages spoken by 193 million people who don’t have any of the Bible translated into their language. They have never read John 3:16 in their language because it’s not available.
How will the Bible be translated into their languages? By Christians who are willing to give their lives to prepare and go to these people. We are thankful to sponsor a missionary family, the Rogers, who are committed to this endeavor and are now preparing themselves for this great work.

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  1. Bro. Larry,

    You might be interested in the conference being held by FirstBible, International in Murfreesboro, TN March 9-12. Their focus is getting the Bible into languages that don't have it. They have a website. I am planning on going to this conference, since we have an ad in their magazine promoting the Panama School Project.
    Robert Creech



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