Mosquitoes Can Sense Your Blood Type

Why do mosquitoes seem to hone in on some people and not others? Well in recent studies scientists have discovered that some proteins found in mosquitoes’ antennae connect with specific chemicals emitted from our skin. The chemicals are emitted as a natural process and mark our presence for the hungry little buzzing predators. But we don’t all give off the same chemicals.

People who have been ingesting alcohol, for instance, put off a special chemical compound which tells the little creatures there might be a person here who can’t swat as quickly as normal… get him… One 12 ounce beer will light you up for a mosquito like a neon sign.

The amount of carbon dioxide in the breath is also a serious marker. This is one of the reasons expecting women fall prey to mosquitoes more than most: they emit 21 percent more carbon dioxide than the rest of us. Their temperature is also an average 1.26 degrees higher than normal which is another “come and get me” sign to a mosquito.

We also emit certain chemicals that identify our blood type, and it has been found that mosquitoes can be picky when it comes to blood. Researchers tell us that people with Type O blood are bitten 24% more than people with any other blood type.

The mosquito is a complex creature with complex on-board equipment. This system includes the equipment to collect chemical data on the molecular level, a nervous system to convey the data, a brain with the ability to decipher the data and make it usable, and then the ability to act on the data and move toward the prey. A complex system like this didn't just happen, it was designed.

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