Jesus Stopped A Fight So He Could Die On The Cross

There was deadly tension at Jesus' arrest. The conspirators were afraid of reprisals from the masses who followed Jesus, so they came prepared to fight. Jesus' disciples knew Him well, and knew there was no just reason to arrest Him. They also knew He had a large following and might be able to start a war, which everyone expected the Messiah to do. They, too, were ready to fight.

A large armed mob was there to support a delegation, led by Judas, assigned to arrest Jesus. John 18:3 Jesus, instead of retreating, walked straight toward them with His small group following. John 18:1 As the groups approached each other the tension was thick. Jesus engaged them first, asking who they were seeking. Twice Jesus revealed who He was, the mob fell back. John 18:4-9 Judas stepped forward and confirmed this was indeed Jesus by kissing Him. Matthew 26:49

When a fight is about to begin the adrenaline starts flowing and a fevered, passionate rage begins to rise. Some of the High Priest's men stepped forward and grabbed Jesus to arrest Him. Mark 14:46 As they were taking Him away His disciples moved forward, Peter pulled a sword and began a close quarter street fight, cutting off an ear with a deadly slash. John 18:10

Then an amazing, startling thing happened... Jesus pulled away from His captors and quickly moved between His disciples and the mob. A mob looking for a fight. Jesus demanded that Peter put away His sword, and then He spoke clearly to Peter and the rest of His men to calm them down and back them off. Matthew 26:52-54 This is where all the warring dreams of His disciples died... Perhaps their bold bravery sunk into a sort of angry helplessness, a kind of shame, that comes when a man is prepared, but unable, to prove his faithfulness and mettle when it is needed most...

Then, in this trigger ready tension, Jesus reached down to the ground, picked up the sliced ear, and with the care of the greatest physician repaired the injured man's wound... a man who had come prepared to fight to take this Great Physician to His death. Luke 22:51

Jesus then turned to the mob to calm them. He reminded them that He had been among them for days, and had always been available for arrest. He was not a criminal who needed to be arrested with weapons drawn. Mark 14:48-49 Then they bound Him and led Him away. John 18:12-13 Jesus could have died there with His disciples... but His destiny was the Cross... it was always the Cross.

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