Wheelchair For ChuCho

ChuCho has been at Rivers Of Mercy since he was brought there as a small child almost dead from malnourishment and mistreatment. ChuCho is permanently disabled.

Right now, because of all the stairs and no elevator in our facility, ChuCho has to be physically carried from one floor to another. But In our new facility ChuCho will have a room designed to accommodate his disability. He will also be able to move about on his own... if he has a powered wheelchair. The cost of a powered wheelchair is a minimum of $3,000. We hope to surprise him with a new wheelchair during the New Building Dedication Service on February 3rd, 2010.

If you would like to help, send a check written to the Church at the address below with ChuCho or Wheelchair in the memo:

Santa Fe Baptist Church
12902 6th Street
Santa Fe, Texas 77510

This is a ministry in Mexico City sponsored by Santa Fe Baptist Church. 100% of the funds received for Rivers Of Mercy Children's Home go directly to the Home and are tax deductable. I am the senior Pastor of this Church. The Church phone is 409-925-3411. Funds are deposited weekly into a US Bank Account which is under the control of Dr. Leonardo Rivas M.D., the director of the Home. Funds sent to the home are put to use immediatly to feed and care for children who are rescued from the streets of Mexico City, arguably the second largest city in the world. With the completion of the new Facility next month we will be able to provide a home to 160 children. Our capacity right now is 40-50. And we generally have 40-50 children living in our Home.


  1. Is it possible to set up a paypal account for this? You might even consider a facebook "page" linking to or quoting this post.


  2. Paypal charges a percentage, even to non-profits. I don't know how to do the page... and am under the gun for time right now. Think you could send me instructions or set it up? Thanks Marian...

  3. Bro. Larry, I have a man in our church that will donate one of those Electric Scooters that the seniors can drive around the house or anywhere. It is portable and hasn't been used all that much. His mother is in her 90's and she can't use it any more. I don't know if it would be worth looking into or not. He would have to be able to use his has to drive and trottle with. Call me. Sam Bynum



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