If The Fairytale Princess Had Kissed This Frog...

...she’d be dead. In fact 1 Golden Frog could kill 10 to 20 people, or 2 bull elephants with the toxin secreted in the slime on its skin. The equivalent weight of 2 grains of table salt will kill a 150 pound person. There is no antidote, so hey... this frog is no prince...

This South American Amphibian is believed to be the most poisonous vertebrate in the world. Native Colombians used the frog to poison the tips of their blow-darts. They would warm the little critter over a fire until it secreted all its poison, then they would roll the tips of their darts in the toxic fluid. The poison can stay potent on their dart tips for over 2 years, and it can kill anything that walks.

This poison is the most potent neurotoxin in the world. It “kills by permanently blocking nerve signal transmission to the muscles.” It has been known to kill dogs which came in contact with a paper towel the frog had walked across.

Scientists are still puzzled over the origin of the secreted poison. They know the frog’s body doesn’t produce the poison. Golden frogs raised in captivity don’t have the poison, so it is believed to come from some bug living in the frog’s natural habitat.

So… not only is the frog poisonous, but it eats something which contains one of the world’s most powerful poisons, stores it in it’s skin, and secretes it to survive… but is unaffected by the poison. Evolutionists say it evolved a special system that is resistant to the poison. Oh really… and how and when did that happen, before eating the poison or after? Another problem of complexity, purpose, and timing. Get real… There is a Creator.

Romans 1:20 For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen,

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  1. Good post. Now go wash your hands because just typing about this poison may be enough to make you ill.



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