Will You Still Love Me If You Know Me?

Utopia here is a myth… so is the perfect wife, husband, family, government… and church. This understanding is basic for people who wish to live free… together. But we live in a digital age, an age pressured by demands for the unreal, and seeded with expectations created to capture us... not to free us. Many of us have become prisoners of performance chained to lives that don’t really exist. Utopian ideals will destine us to become enslaved artists painting false images of ourselves so people we value will stay… not leave.

Ah... the real questions Utopians ask behind their masks: Will you love me and stay with me if you really know me? Can imperfect people successfully live, love, and stay together? Un-utopian Christianity answers yes. Jesus knows us as we are... and He gave Himself for us. Romans 5:6-11 He promised never to leave or forsake us. Hebrews 13:5 Reality this side of eternity is very un-utopian. We are blemished, struggling, and far from perfection… that is the truth. Yet we are unconditionally loved… by a perfect Jesus. I am truly free… just to be me, and to know I am loved forever.

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