Captive, A Dark Word

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, ... he hath sent me … to preach deliverance to the captives, Luke 4:18
Captive, what a dark word. It is a word of humiliation... to be powerless, caged, enslaved! To have desire and love crushed. To be held without the strength to free myself, and controlled against my will. To know my enemy, and yet be unable to overcome his merciless grip.
It is a word with a million stories. For some this word is the cold metallic sound of a cell door closing. For others it may be the confinement of a wheelchair… or the silence of deafness… or the struggle with cancer… or an abusive relationship… Captive!
For some it was a trap. It began as a joyride and ended in addiction, the loss of identity, and sale of the known and loved for a little more time in the chains of seduction as a captive to weakness.
Some are captive to “acceptable” vices: Greed, lust, prejudice, power, hatred… and even religion. Yes religion can be an imprisonment: the bondage of doing good to get to heaven… and then ruled by the despot of silent fear because I know I’m not good enough...
Deliverance! A heavenly word! Set free? Can these chains be broken? Jesus said that's what he came to do... He spoke these words about Himself. He came bringing the message of deliverance. And His message is still setting captives free.


  1. I know what harm all this drug stuff can do as I have a baby sister caught up in it .We hadn't seen her in several years when shecame to our baby brothers funeral and she is in bad shape . Sin does truly take you farther than you ever intended to go .... Keep spreading the light ...Thanks friend

  2. I know some people who have "acceptable" vices and they can be just as harmful as ones that are not as acceptable like cussing. I know of some people who really struggle with this and say they are saved. I believe that they are saved but God can't use them. What is your advice? What does the Bible say about helping those who claim to be saved yet Satan has a choke hold on their lives? Thank you! Great post!



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