Creation - Termite Farmers

Termites are not only blind engineers, architects, and builders… They are blind farmers.
Termites are infamous for “eating wood”. But did you know that they cannot digest wood? They depend on over 100 different microbes in their digestive tract to turn wood into food. These microbes break down even the hardest woods into healthy termite food.
Some termites don’t have these microbes. These termites cultivate Fungus Gardens to do the work of the microbes. They form “combs” from mud made with soil, saliva, and other liquids.
Worker termites then gather fungus and plant it in the opening of the combs. Later they place chewed wood particles on the fungi. The wood is then digested by the fungus and turned into carbohydrates that flow out the bottom of the comb. These Carbohydrates are then distributed by the workers throughout the colony for food.
Just as human farmers maintain their crops by removing any competing plants, such as weeds, the termite farmers remove all other types of fungi from their fungus combs.
Termites produce another amazing crop from their fungi: Mushrooms! But not just any mushroom: Termites hold the Guinness World Record for the largest mushroom. The cap was over 3 feet wide.
A mushroom is the fungus fruit body. A mushroom is to fungus what an apple is to an apple tree. By growing mushrooms “seeds” are provided to grow more fungus. More fungus means more termite & human food since Termite Mushrooms are also good for us to eat! Our God is Amazing!


  1. Very interesting stuff. While God is glorious in all of His creation, all I know about termites is that they cost my church over $3,000 two years ago. Lousy squatters!

  2. You have nice and interesting articles... God bless you...



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